julliette_rose (julliette_rose) wrote,

Either god hates me or this better be one hell of a plan

Just as I was able to stabilize myself and achieve some sense of normalcy at work I get laid off!!!!!!!!!!!! I so dont need this right now. I can survive for about 3 weeks with severence pay and the extra richie left but that money was suppose to be the deposit money for the new apartment. The way they are doing this is really shitty too because they are giving me the severence pay at the end of next week after I cover my old position for a week while the girl I trained originally is moving up in that department. I so want to walk but I need that check the reference and the money period. I left early reached for my phone dialed w/out thinking and I got the inevitable disconnected phone # message. I really would like to know if this is the end of my torment I want to go to a psychic. Tomorrow I get to revamp my resume which I think died w/ my last laptop so Ill need to start from scratch. I keep trying to remind myself of mr aranas story of lillian judds story so I can learn and put my life into perspective. Strangely enough I only recently found out she lives in santa rosa at like 90 or something she was in the pd a couple years back. She was shipped to the concentration camps in which of her family only she survived she married her guard they had two disabled children one of which died in a car accident and she still loves everyone inclusing the nazis. Thats strength now I wish i had just a little of that.
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