julliette_rose (julliette_rose) wrote,

Maybe God has a plan

Today I walked a lot I decided everything I needed to do I would walk to if I could so I have no excuses for having a pity party to music in the car. To ensure there would be no pity party I put on makeup that way if I cried there would be a telling mess. I am soo tired I walked until all I could think about was my poor legs and forgot about my aching heart and pysche. My class tonight Im sure just to have the powers that be had a lecture on love the many types the psychological factors chemical and we watched part of an elizbeth taylor movie that made tears well up ( I still had makeup on so I was careful not to let them fall) Tomorrow and next week I need to be soldier strong and smile. Id rather them think Ive gone mad than have their pity they can eat that!
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