julliette_rose (julliette_rose) wrote,

I am just so tired...

Friday my old boss calls me in their office and offers me front desk position same as I used to be turns out a girl in the back quit. I told her Id get back to her monday. Later this lady calls me into her office and offers me a dollar more an hour to take it. I dont trust this company they are constantly saying one thing then doing another. Are they going to keep me for more than a few months? On wednesday I realized I dont want to work in an office anymore I want to work with kids in some facet or another. I want to work in the field that Im going to get my degree in. But I dont know if I still get my severance pay if I leave now because they offered me a new position. Richie's crazy friend who was nice to me at first decided to use me as an emotional confessional last night which included all of the violent horrific things hes done in his life. I was so freaked out that I was paranoid all last night and found it hard to sleep. The scariest part is the phone cut out toward the end and I never got if he was sorry or not. I got that he felt bad and it weighed on his heart but seriously if you can do somethings you kinda have to wonder if you have the propensity to do them again. The highlight of the day is when I won a scrabble game against my scrabble group I never win they are all pros or so it seems. The low which adds to the stress is when I got my car locked in the garage because it closed at 5 i thought it was 530 so now I have to take a cab to it tomorrow before work. I wish I didnt have to go to work tomorrow but I do. argh!!
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