julliette_rose (julliette_rose) wrote,

I know everyone moves at their own pace

I think thing like myspace and facebook can be unhealthy at times its like a having a reunion all the time which is good and bad. It makes you really confront where you are in life comparatively which can be good to get your butt moving but in general it makes me just feel like a loser. I know eventually Ill get to that place but I feel so damn far behind argh. Richies sister is visiting him today and I am crazy jealous Ive never been this jealous before and I know its completely irrational but everytime she has talked about it I want to bash her head in. The cooker is tonight is her bday and she wants to go dancing and had me find the perfect place since theres not really dancing in santa clarita too suburby and she also wants to stay over w/ friends since Im way closer.Shes been amazing lately but sometimes her friendship is too much work maybe its because shes 22. I promised all this before she said she was going to visit now i just want to fake illness. Ok time to go get my glasses by the end of the year Ill be surprised if I even resemble this person that was.
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