julliette_rose (julliette_rose) wrote,

Feeling low

Im feeling like all the areas of my life are out of whack. Work was ok but now I really need a second job but I really dont want to work in an office again. I just want to do something I love and get paid for it. Im also feeling really. Its as if I just woke up looked around and realized Im not sure where all my friends went. My schedule is also really off tuesday is my only consistent night off. Well on the optimistic side of things Im acing my classes so far still losing weight opening myself to the idea of dating and talking to different people. Though I still havent been on a proper date as of yet. Its hard though its been 6 months already but I still really miss Richie. I keep have these haunting dreams too where I am awoken by him coming back in the midst of a date or whatever. Its always the same though because then he says hes back but for only 3 weeks then he has to go and my emotions go through it all again.
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