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Trader joes antics and My Monster Is better than your Panda

Weird day finally got my period no chance of being pregnant but it was still disconcerting to go months without it. Carla had double car trouble needed to go get gas in th gas can and then proceed to jump her dead battery. That made me feel pretty independent to have the can and jumper cables and not be have to be that girl. Later we went to our favorite Trader Joes where we always see the same guy who leaves us in stitches for the longest we were unsure who he liked but today we found out it was Carla. We previously went to to see his band once too hes a cool guy. Well today he comes up to us and asked us what we were doing today and Carla responds with thAppe fact that I have a date and she is helping a friend. He jokes that whatever I do I should keep my clothes on Carla then informs him that as its my time of the month that should be no problem. Later as he comes by he informs us that he is taking Carla out on a date but he will put out but doesnt have too. I inform him that the only way to do that is to put out on her but dont worry she really likes that to which Carla skulks off beet red and i am crying with laughter and he looks stunned. It is fine though because before we left he saw us off.

Tonight after my date I will never look at madagascar the movie the same again. I went on a date with one of the animators of dreamworks who was nice wealthy attractive but soooooo boring. Apparently I mase the mistake of confusing a lot of Pixar movies with dreamworks ones which didnt win me any points for sure. But for the record I enjoy movies like monsters inc and toy story over kung fu panda madagascar and shrek any day. It was significant because it was my first official date since Richie and the first time Ive seen anyone order in over 100 dollars worth of sushi. We watched a rather cynical about marriage movie with pierce brosnan and rachel mcadams that he netflixed and he talked about and to his dog a lot. But on the positive side he does get to go to all the premiers of Dreamworks films as in the premiers of madagascar 2 most recently. Ok off to the land of nod
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